03 September 2007


well, like what i have mentioned on a previous post, i am at an age where most of my friends are getting engaged and married. so, i guess it's cool if i blah-g about their upcoming weddings.

ANGEL CLEMENTE and CASSIDY JONES -- well, this wedding will take place on september 22...i am not sure where and what time 'coz i am still waiting on the invitation that angel told me was sent ASAP...anyways, this will be the first same sex wedding ceremony that i would be attending. honestly, i am quite excited about it...i want to know what goes on during the ceremony...i am not even sure if it's going to be a civil wedding or a church wedding. oh well, i am even more excited about the reception...i wonder if there would be a bouquet toss (and a garter toss)...well, i don't want to try and figure out who would be wearing what but, i would be looking forward to the event. the wedding party would most likely have a lot of single gay guys...i guess i would have to dress up real nice... you never know; one might find "the one" at a wedding party.

JULIE ANN BERINGUEL and ANTEK (REALLY LONG, HARD TO SPELL POLISH LAST NAME) -- well, they just got engaged this year and because they want to get married during spring or summer, this wedding would not be taking place until next year. i am VERY excited about this wedding 'coz julie ann told me that she would need my help in planning...i love planning parties. this wedding would be interesting as i am looking forward as to how compromises would be made to accomodate both filipino and polish traditions for a very lovely ceremony...well, at least i know one thing, there will be a lot of alcohol at the wedding reception...polish people love their alcohol (i guess it goes the same for filipinos too)...well, julie ann and antek hasn't even decided if they want a civil or a church wedding...all i know is that they would be spending a LOT of money for this wedding.

A MESSAGE FOR THE COUPLES -- i wish my friends a happy married life! i hope that you go through the trials and tribualtions of married life without any bloodshed.

* in line with this marriage post, my grandmother is almost pushing me to get married as she would want a great grandchild by the time she and my grandfather celebrates their 50th wedding anniversary! oh, lord help me!

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evi said...

you've got to start praying real hard right now so you'll be able to grant your grandmother's wish. hala ka!

i've never been to a same sex wedding, too. i'm curious!