23 September 2007

The Cafeteria Song

The last video that I uploaded on youtube has been viewed by almost 2,000 people and have been commented for at least 50 times. However, not all the comments were nice and I was quite shocked and (frankly) hurt by some of the ugly comments that I had read. I guess there will always be haters no matter where you go. So, I decided to make a video that is light and funny.

The video features the song/jingle that we made during our junior year in high school. Big thanks to Carlski for still remembering the lyrics. I hope you enjoy the video and that you have fun watching it.

Okay, I know that I am not a great singer, so no need to post some nasty comments about that. Nonetheless, I apologize if your ears were bleeding while you were listening to that video. Thank God Simon Cowell will never visit this blah-g. I could just imagine the comment that he would make.

Just for fun, please answer the poll below :-)


evi said...

hey, add kita sa youtube channel ko ha. me, i remove nasty comments. not welcome sa channel ko ang mga negative vibes. hehe...

ba't ganyan ang poll mo. i voted for yes but instead it counted my vote as no. even the other poll about honesty. may glitch yata.

carlski said...

I was the one who voted for NO. I'm a FANJAYA and there's no way that Mark can surpass his greatness. Hahaha! :P