25 September 2007

Coffee Prince

Eun Chan, the head of a family falls in love with "his" boss, Han Kyul. Han Kyul, who wants to escape a marriage that is being plotted by his grandmother, hires Eun Chan to be his "gay" lover. Little did he know that he will fall in love with this kid (Eun Chan). How will Han Kyul face his homosexuality? Will he truly fall in love with Eun Chan? Will he love "him" even if he finds out that "he" is just pretending to be "gay"?

Watch how this unique story unfold in 17 cups (episodes)...laugh and cry with Eun Chan and Han Kyul, in this truly well-written Korean drama.

If you haven't guessed already, I am addicted to Korean drama. The first one that I fell in love with was Full House, and now I am head over heels crazy over this new series that I just finished watching, Coffee Prince. I literally finished watching the entire series in 1 day...yes, I know, I have no life and I should get one! However, check it out and see if you'll get hooked to it. One of the underlying themes of this drama is homophobia. I know you all have opinions on it, so go ahead and answer the poll below or better yet, leave me a comment.

You can download Coffee Prince from Veoh. If you are in Vancouver, BC, you can purchase the DVD set of Coffee Prince at the Richmond Night Market or at the Crystal Mall in Burnaby.



evi said...

i knew you'd like the coffee prince. i like their chemistry. sobrang kilig ako!

CoolitzzPinai said...

omg i LOVE this scene... but ofcourse i think i love every scene haha