05 September 2007


well, i finally gave in! i have added another thing to check and update (not to mention "pimp") when i turn my laptop on and visit the web. I NOW HAVE MULTIPLY! surprisingly, it wasn't that hard to sign up for multiply...it was quite easy. i have to be honest...i like multiply...you can post photos, videos, and sync your blogger to your multiply page. it's sort of a mini website for the HTML, CSS, XML, FLASH challenged individual like me! the only thing that i didn't like about it is that it took 10 minutes to upload a video...but other than that, everything is pretty much EASY. now, i just started using multipy, so it's not quite pimped out yet...i hope that it will be soon enough...and yes, i used zac efron as my background image. well, if you have nothing important to do (now that you've almost finished reading this entry), click on the picture and see my multiply page.

1 comment:

evi said...

see... i told you multiply is the easiest way to come up with a personal website. i'll add you up later.