22 September 2007

Honesty Lives On

It is nice when you hear stories about honesty especially when it comes to money. I have been very skeptical these days as I had lost a number of wallets and nobody returned them...as a matter of fact, I have been robbed. However, my friend Evi's recent blog post proved me wrong and it made me realize that there are still honest people who walk the face of the earth. Evi's post made me realize that there is such a thing as a conscience. Evi is living proof that material things are not the key to one's happiness - it is, instead, peace of mind.

Evi took a trip to the bank one day to deposit some money. To her surprise, while she was checking the transaction receipt, she found out that the teller had made a mistake of entering $30,000 instead of $300. Evi, notified the bank of the situation; Evi had been very honest. Now, what I wrote is just a summary of what had happened. If you want to find out what had happened and how Evi practiced honesty, please visit her blog.

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evi said...

you are so sweet, mark. thank you. i know you'll do the same. di ba? i like the idea of a poll. galing.