11 September 2007


well, summer is almost officially over.

it doesn't fell like i have done anything this summer. i mean, nothing happened this summer. i used to play volleyball and tennis and hang-out with my friends at the mall, but it seems that this summer was really boring and would be long forgotten in a couple of weeks. i don't even have anything to remember this summer by. hmmm, what did i do this summer.

KELOWNA 2007 -- i guess, this is the highlight of my summer. i went to kelowna with the ramirez family. we spent about 3 days there. we pretty much just walked along the beach, ate, played cards, and slept. we also went swimming a couple of times and we played mini-golf, and we celebrated Canada Day there. we had a barbecue for our last dinner. it was fun while it lasted. oh, we also got temporary tattoos which was supposed to last for a week or two but disappeared in a couple of days.

VOLLEYBALL -- i haven't played volleyball (or any sport) in such a long time. i have to say that i really miss playing and being active. maybe this is why i don't feel that healthy anymore. i used to play volleyball every saturday...i even miss playing table tennis and badminton...i guess i have to find friends who are willing to be active and actually sweat. man, my whole routine and regimen changed ever since we moved to Canada.

25TH BIRTHDAY, 08.22.1982 -- well, i turned 25 this year, but i have to say that this birthday SUCKED. well, only a few people remembered and i didn't get to celebrate. don't get me wrong, i wanted to celebrate my birthday but it seems that everybody were too busy to actually pretend that they like me well enough to go to my birthday party. i mean, if they didn't even remember that it's my birthday, what would make me think that they would actually take the time to buy me a present and let alone come to my birthday party...plus, i am not the person who would pick up my phone or open my email just to listen and read the lame excuses that they had come up with so that they don't make me feel bad that they are actually missing my birthday...oh well, enough about my birthday...it's just so yesterday...i guess my friend JP is right...when people forget your birthday, it only means that you are getting OLD.

2007 RICHMOND NIGHT MARKET -- well, i guess this is one more thing that i did this year. i frequented the night market with gail, julie kris and tita mila...although i didn't get to buy anything this year, i have to say that every visit was worth it 'coz i ate whatever i wanted. it's still open until the first weekend of october, so i guess i have to make the most of it 'coz they might not have it in richmond next year.

so, there you go. that's my summer in a nutshell! i guess i have to start planning and saving money now for next summer...and trust me, i will plan for a very exciting and memorable summer.

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