14 October 2007

Router, ISP, I am back!

If you've noticed, I haven't posted anything in almost a week and this is because I was having router issues. Apparently, the router that I bought last year is now OLD and that is why my internet connection wasn't working. I of course called my ISP first to find out if there are service issues in our area 'coz of all the construction that are going around for the 2010 Winter Olympics. My ISP said that everything is supposed to be working fine and that the problem might be with the router. So, I then called the technical support hotline. OMG, the call center that I called is in India. To say the least, the call wasn't at all pleasant. I kept saying, "what?", because I can baely understand what they were saying. So, I just decided to be a bitch, and give the third world call center agent hell. Well, I think that he brought it upon himself. I was already peeved 'coz my internet isn't working and how dare he raise his voice to me and talk to me in a very condescending way. So, I unleashed the BITCH and he got more than what he had bargained for and I could tell that it wasn't at all pleasant for him 'coz it was around 4:00 am in India when I made the call.

Anyways, I took them down a couple of notches, BIG TIME! So, instead of updating the software of my router, I decided to buy a new one and spend $70 (including taxes). So, I am now back on line and will be posting entries again.

Though I was not used to having an internet connection. The past week wasn't actually bad 'coz I realized that I was apending way too much time in front of my laptop. The week that I didn't have connection, I was able to go out and socialize and catch up with friends. It was great! I guess I would have to manage my time better 'coz I think I am still single 'coz I pretty much just spend time with my laptop and watch my dramas.

08 October 2007

Hosting Audition

Well, the final audition video is now finished. I had to re-shoot the entire thing 'coz windows movie maker cannot edit mp4 files. Well, thankfully, I had to re-shoot the entire thing, I was able to make it more tactful (in my opinion).

DISCLAIMER: This video was made in the spirit of fun. If you are offended by any content of the video, please go to the corner of your room, assume the fetal position, start crying, and eat your own hair. SUCK IT UP PRINCESS!

I would like to send a big thank you to my friend Carlski for editing the video for me. The video actually turned out REALLY good and I think that it was carefully edited so that I don't offend the low-lifes.

For comments and ratings on the video, please visit youtube.

05 October 2007


Nope! That is not a 3D image of my baby! I just have to post an image for this post.

The other day, my friend told me that she is 4 weeks pregnant! I was like, WTF! I was really shocked! We used to joke about this kind of stuff back in the day, but this time it's true. She is 23 and I already forgot how old her boyfriend is. My friend hasn't told any of her family members yet. I guess she still needs to compose herself.

The thing that shocked me the most is that she told me that she wanted to terminate the pregnancy. I was upset when she told me this 'coz I am AGAINST abortion. I was still upset 'coz eventhough she's my third friend who told me about terminating the pregnancy, I still am not used to hearing someone say, "I am going to kill my baby and not give him/her the chance to see the world". Now, you might ask what the guy's opinion on the matter is. The guy is actually really happy that my friend is pregnant and he is willing to marry her. The thing that my friend is worried is that she doesn't know how her family will react when she breaks the good news to them. Another reason why my friend is thinking of terminating the pregnancy is 'coz she is on a roll in terms of her career and she doesn't know if she would ever get the chance again if she decides to keep the baby.

I am anti-abortion and will always be. I am not going to force this opinion on people nor will I look down on people who choose this option. However, I hope that my friend will think REALLY hard about this and that she comes up with a decision that she WILL NOT regret later on in life. For me, the gift of life is a very wonderful blessing. I truly wish that my pregnant friend does not end up like my other friend who until know thinks what her baby would have looked like had she not chosen to terminante her pregnancy 3 years ago.

Think about this: We would not be living today if our parents opted for abortion.

04 October 2007

Love Contract

Xiao Feng is a tomboy who is the leader within her circle of friends; she is also the captain of the kendo club. Xiao Feng thought that she has very loyal friends, that is until Xiao Bai and Kai decided to leave the kendo club in order to join the swimming team which is headed by Ken. Because of this incident Xiao Feng and Ken's first meeting was not a rousing success. However, in order to keep Xiao Bai and Kai in the swimming team, Ken would have to abide by the love contract that was created by Mu Tou. Will Ken court Xiao Feng to keep the swimming team alive? Will the tomboy finally renew her faith in love?

Watch how the love contract will change the lives of Xiao Feng and Ken. Watch the series and you will understand the pain of a one-sided love affair. Click below for the music video of this series.

WARNING!: This post might contain spoilers!

I have to say that I liked this series. The only thing that I did not quite like is that the story line progression was very slow. Of coure, Mike He is still the hotness and that is what kept me holding on to the series. The plot about the contract is something that we all have seen before in one way or another, however, it was fun to watch how the sub-plots developed. I just have to say that the kissing scenes in this series could have been better...way better! Oh, and I don't know what it is about Ariel Lin (Xiao Feng) but she reminds me of a bird or fish of some sort. Over all, it is a good series and I would give it a B-.

Since Mike He is still my latest obsession and he is the HOTNESS! My next Taiwanese soap to watch would be Why Why Love. I have read some good reviews about this soap including comments about Mike He's acting being better. Mike He plays a bad boy in Why Why Love so, this should be good. After all, we all love those bad boys.

Full episodes are available for download on Veoh.

Welcome Back Bro!

After quite a while of not living in our house and trying to make it out on his own, my brother finally decided to move back with us. Yay! We are all so happy. I know that I am ecstatic about this 'coz I love my brother so much! It might not seem like it but it's true. I LOVE MY BROTHER! He's the only brother I have (or at least he's the only brother that I know of). Anyways, I just would like to welcome him back!

I know that my mom is really happy about this 'coz she once again will have another person to drive her around. Hahahaha!