29 August 2007


well, it's the second day that i am sick. i HATE being sick. not only am i not making money, i am also VERY bored. as of now, i am still listening to the kid carson show on the beat 94.5. however, the show only has 40 minutes left and then it's back to boredom...i guess i can take a walk outside...if my body would be willing to cooperate. i am not sure what caused me to be sick but my guess is it's because the weather is changing...SUMMER IS CLOSE TO IT'S END! yes, i said it summer is ending, and i am VERY happy about it 'coz i am a fall/winter person. anyways, this post isn't going anywhere as my brain is clearly not working 'coz i am sick...i'll probably just stay home, have some soup, and catch up on my reading

i hope i get well SOON!

27 August 2007


well, i don't really know if i should rant about mcdonalds or the people who cut lines, so i guess i'll do both.

on my way home, i stopped by a mcdonalds to grab a bite 'coz i am really hungry! as soon as i walked in, i noticed a group of hisgh school kids (who are probably enjoying the last summer days before school starts) and i immediately sensed trouble. there was just one cashier, so everyone was in one line. as soon as the other cashier opened the teens in front of me moved over to the other line (thinking that they would probably be served faster). their theory on being served faster failed them, just like they would fail calculus (trust me, these are the types of kids who would cut classes to be cool). so, when they noticed that my line was faster, they jumped in front of me!!! how rude!!! they probably thought that they could do that 'coz they were in front of me on the original line...i didn't say anything 'coz i don't want to make a scene...nonetheless, IF YOU GIVE UP YOUR SPOT, YOU LOSE IT! YOU CAN'T HAVE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! i hate people who cut lines!

insert mcdonalds rant here >> the cashier should have noticed what these teens were doing and should have served the ACTUAL next person in line, me (who was making a face, which in no way could have been interpreted as a smile!)...instead of asking, "what can i get for you today?", how about, "can i help the next person IN line, please?"...now i know why i don't go to mcdonalds...not only are the food not healthy (no matter what they claim...have you seen supersize me?)...the SERVICE IS BAD too!

i don't know...i am not usually a person who rants...i guess i am just in a bad place right now...i am feeling sick, i might be coming down with something and i wasn't really happy with the way my birthday went this year...trust me, i wouldn't even need my toes to count the number of people who actually greeted me on my actual birthday...oh, and isn't it nice when you actually have to solicit a greeting by reminding people that it's your birthday, AND THEY ACTUALLY THINK THAT YOU'RE KIDDING! oh, i wanted to celebrate my birthday, but i'm guessing (not at all a LONG SHOT) that since people didn't remember that it's my birthday, they probably wouldn't have the time to attend my party...frankly, i don't want to hear lame reasons and excuses of why they wouldn't be able to attend my birthday...just be honest. tell me straight up, that you just don't care about me and that you don't give a flying f**k that it's my birthday! anyways, i am pretty sure that i would have a second wind about my birthday...so, i will post that as a separate entry!

17 August 2007


well, i just finsihed watching the canadian tv premiere of the disney movie, high school musical 2. i have to admit that the only reason i watched it is because of my latest lust and obsession over zac efron...okay, and my love for musicals. but, i gotta say that i LOVED it! yes, i LOVED it.

the story evolves around troy (zac efron) and his battle to find the perfect balance between his future, his friends, and garbriella (vanessa hudgens). i just have to say that a love story is better when it's done as a musical or if it's done shakespeare style (tragedy). i have to admit that there was a part in the movie where i cried (and i am not telling you which part, you would have to watch the movie with me). themes of the movie include: love, friendship, and finding one's true self. the plot of the movie is pretty simple. it's a bunch of high school kids (teenagers) who go to a resort for the summer to work...and ups and downs about love and friendship emerge. over all, it was a pretty satisfying movie. aside from the fact that zac efron is hot! c'mon now...a good looking guy like that who can sing and dance, not to mention play basketball...will surely earn a whole lot of brownie points with the girls and gays alike. thank god for those shots and scenes that featured zac's upper body (did i mention that i would die for a body like that?). after watching the movie, i had this tingly feeling (no! it's not because of my lust for zac efron or my developed hate for vanessa hudgens because he's zac efron's real life girlfriend)...i don't know exactly how i would describe it but it took me to a happy place. i guess it took me back to my happy and memorable high school days. anyways, i would recommend this movie almost for everybody. now i say almost just 'coz i know that the emo's and 50-cent lover's out there would probably puke when they see this movie. it's certainly not a movie that would rake academy awards but, it's a GREAT movie. yes, i said GREAT! i am so buying this movie on DVD and i might just as well buy the sountrack for the mere fact that i love singing! you gotta love a movie with a sountrack!

well, let's just say that i give this movie an A-. you SERIOUSLY have to see this movie!

in honor of this movie the song that's playing on the background is everyday.


well, in line with being a harry potter addict/fanatic. i just have to buy this magazine. honestly, i bought the magazine because of the cover. i think that daniel radcliffe is turning in to a hunk...yes, that is my own honest opinion. well, since he is the cover, there is obviously an exclusive interview with him.

DANIEL RADCLIFFE INTERVIEW -- in the interview, the repoter asks about daniel's hard-on. well, daniel is starring in a play called equus where he appears naked on stage. garfield, asked daniel how he managed not to get a hard-on while making love to a beautiful woman on stage. i guess you just have to buy the magazine and read the article to find out the answer. the article goes on to dicsuss the size of daniel's "wand". garfield goes to say that daniel's wand is AVERAGE! that means that nobody who watched the play dropped their jaws when daniel unzipped his pants on the play and in the same manner, nobody asked for a refund either. the article also mentioned upcoming projects for the star and his future plans and why he is not attending university. well, of course, harry potter movies were also discussed...and come to think of it, daniel is probably the only kid who doesn't want an 8th harry potter book.

i just have to say though, that the pictures of daniel radcliffe were pretty disappointing! :-(

other articles are as follows:

ANAL SEX -- this article discusses how common it is these days to ASK for anal sex on the first date. according to the article, it is more common now than it was before and statistics show that more men actually ask if they could use the back door on the first date, and apparently the women oblige as they enjoy it too. the article discusses 2 different theories on anal sex, and a lot of guys weigh in on the issue.

REVENGE -- why turn the other cheek when you can level out the playing field with vengeance?!

CHEATING -- oh yes, this article discusses women who cheated in guys. all i have to say is this: ONCE A CHEATER, ALWAYS A CHEATER!!!

CIRCUMCISION -- is it really necessary? is it done because of religion, tradition, or hygiene? well, it's no secret that i am filipino and i had to be circumcised. nonetheless, it was never explained to me why i had to be circumcised, it just had to be done. i guess it was a right of passage...oh and you would no longer be teased "supot" (uncut) once you have it done. the article calls it an "unfriendly cut" -- mutilation! then there's this whole debate about pleasure...FYI a canadian study determined that both cut and uncut men experince the same amount of pleasure and pain.

:: for more about the issue, please visit DETAILS.


well, for he past month we have had a homestay student living with us, her name is lujie. lujie is a 45 year old school headmaster who hails from china. she came to canada to study the teaching method of the educators here, and of course, to learn english. lujie left on august 11 to go back to china. i can say that i would miss lujie. i have been having dinner with her for the past month. we also went to the mall almost everyday. lujie was almost like a second mom to me, she would always bring chocolates and fruits for me when she comes home. i guess this was her way of coping up with her missing her only son who is studying in china. of course, apart from all the activities that we did, i taught her english...maybe is should make a career out of teaching english! anyways, she had promised to send me something from china for my birthday (which is coming up next week) so, i will be waiting for that.

i am glad to have made another friend...now i know that i have place to stay at when i go to visit china!


okay, i have decided to take working out seriously! why?! i want to have a body like zac efron. yes, that lean, toned body that people would drool over. i know that it's too late now because i wouldn't be able to show it off seeing that fall is fast approaching. but, it would be nice to take off that sweater you're wearing during fall and see your chiseled and ripped self in the mirror, or even seeing yourself in the bathroom mirror after taking a shower, with water running down your well-sculpted pectoral muscles and 6-pack abs! oh god, i would give everything to have that kind of body.

don't get me wrong i am not fat or anything. i am 5 foot 9 inches tall and i tip the scale at 125 lbs. i just want to look better and feel better about myself. after all, health is wealth...and who knows, having the zac efron body might make it easier for me to get into the pinoy big brother house when season 3 comes. and i know that my fans (wishful thinking) would love to see me sporting board shorts and nothing else on the beach! can i get a "YOU WISH!"?

anyways, getting back on track...after working out today, i realized that being vain is a pain in the butt. it seriously is hard work and you have to put so much effort and time into it. effort is no problem with me, it's just the time. c'mon, between reading magazines and books, watching tv, dvd's, movies, and my kapamilya shows, updating this blah-g, and this 4 letter word called WORK...i really do not have time! *sigh* i guess if i REALLY want that zac efron body, then i would have to make some sacrifices.

wish me luck!


well, last week we had to say goodbye to a friend. a group of friends gathered at shota sushi in richmond to say farewell to katherine. if you really think about it, katherine is not going that far...she will just be going to toronto, which is in the same country, just all the way over on the east coast. katherine would be spending at least 2 years in toronto in pursuit of higher education. honestly, it wasn't that sad for me because we weren't that close. however, i worked with her for about 3 years during my starbucks career. all i can say is good luck to all her endeavors; and to andrew: hang in there, she will forever be yours!
:: there are more pictures of katherine's going away party on facebook.

16 August 2007


well, okay, i'll admit that i've never heard of zac efron before. but, after i saw the cover of the rollingstones magazine that will hit the stands on august 23, i turned into a fan (a scary stalker almost). this magazine cover will certainly put zac efron on the map...that and the fact that he stars in my favorite musical, hairspray! well, when my friend's son asked me if i like high school musical, i was like, "what?"...but thanks to this picture, i now know what high school musical is, and i am looking forward to watching the second high school musical on the disney channel which will air on august 17. OMG! i have turned into a fanatic!

anyways, back to this really hot picture...i am guessing that this is the most downloaded picture at the moment and a lot of girls, and guys who like watching desperat housewives and ugly betty, are gonna have this picture on their desktop as a background. okay, i will confess that it is currently the desktop background of my laptop and my computer at work...and let me tell you that my co-workers actually asked me to email them a copy of the picture. they didn't know who zac efron was either but, they now do! oh, even world famous blah-gista bryanboy has zac efron on his desktop.

13 August 2007


well, i was at future shop last friday trying to look for a new laptop. i never got to buy a new laptop coz i was debating if i should get a sony or an apple. anyways, i ended up buying a new psp game. while i was in line, waiting to pay, i heard this 13 year old chinese girl say bullshit to the cashier, and her mom was right next to her. her mom didn't say anything!!! i was apalled to say the least...i was shocked at how rude people can get...i wish that that 13 year old chinese girl would one day have to work as a cashier and be on the receiving end of rude customers...I HATE RUDE PEOPLE!

10 August 2007


well, i have updated my blah-g with some 3rd party features/functionality. surprisingly, it wasn't that hard to do it! i have added a translator to my page...in line with wanting to conquer the world through this blah-g. now, people who would have difficulties in reading english (or should i say, my version of english), have the option of translating it in one of the languages available. i just have to say that this is the coolest feature that i have added so far!!! adding features is so cool!

on the same note, i would have to watch myself and ask if i really need the features that i am adding to my blah-g. i want this blah-g to be simple yet sophisticated and visited because of content or (i hope) mere interest in what is going on with my life (i have always been obsessed in being a celebrity). so, if you think that there are too much bling that is not needed or helping this blah-g, feel free to post a comment or leave me a message using the chat box.

anyways, i am off to the mall to look for blah-g softwares or anything that would remotely help me improve my blah-ging skills. oh, and of course, some reading material about blah-ging; i still believe that you learn a lot of things when you read. hmm, maybe i might just enroll myself in a web design course. i might just make a career or being a blah-gista...yes, BLAH-GISTA, not blah-ger.


OMG! i don't know what is going on with my laptop. it's been acting up! why does it have to act up now that i am trying to make my blah-g pretty...yes, i am trying to make my blah-g better; there is nothing wrong with striving for perfection. anyways, back to my laptop issue...my laptop is being really slow right now! and it is driving me crazy! well, when i think about it it might be because it's tired, i mean it's been turned on and i have been using it since 11am, i think. i guess i have to put off my blah-g beautification project tomorrow.

i just have to say that although this blah-g is eating up a lot of my time, i noticed that i sort of stopped doing some of the unproductive things that i do.

oh, another thing -- i am happy right now because i just did some online banking and it's always nice to know that you just got PAID!

09 August 2007


well, congratulations are in order!

congratulations go out to my friend julie ann and her boyfriend antek on their engagement. i am so happy for julie ann! i know that she has been waiting for this moment, for a VERY long time. this is very well deserved. considering all the heartaches that she has gone through with her ex's. i know that there are still doubts from other people about this relationship but, if julie ann is happy, i am happy for her.

OMG! i am at that age where all my friends would be getting married and i am here sitting in my room typing this entry, ALONE and SINGLE. i guess i would have to get out more often and start meeting people.

i don't want to be the last one to get married!!! that would just be patethic!!! i refuse to be the last single friend who would have nobody to hang out with because all of my friends are married and busy raising their kids.

anyways, back on track...despite my panic attack a moment ago, i seriously am happy for julie ann. since, there was not an engagement party, i guess i would just post my wishes here.

i wish you guys all the best and the luck in the world. i hope that the two
of you would spend eternity together. god, you guys would have gorgeous
children. all kidding aside, congratulations on your engagement! i am looking
forward to catching the bouquet at the wedding reception. hahaha.

well, i guess tomorrow is the day that i start looking for the right one! i better keep my eyes wide open. my flirting skills are REALLY rusty but, a few winks here and there and i would be back in the game.

wish me luck!


well, i think that it's just appropriate that this first entry is about two blah-g-ers that had greatly inspired me to continue blah-g-ing, inday and bryan boy. these two, serves as my inspirations to continue my pursuit of conquering the world via blah-g.

inday was the very first website that i frequented during my younger years, she's a multi-webby winner and a green archer like me! i like the sophistication and beauty of her site and of course she is the sister of one of my closest friends...so, i know her.

i like bryan boy's blah-g because it's so out there and in your face, and of course there's a lot about fashion on their his blah-g.

i just wish that my blah-g would even amount to one-tenth of theirs. i know that this entry might not make that much sense, but forgive me as i am tired and i have to work tomorrow at 6 am...YES! 6 am!