26 July 2008

Cradle Snatcher

I have a HUGE problem.

I am turning 26 in less than 4 weeks and I seem to be in love with someone who just turned 17 yesterday. So, I am asking you guys...what should I do?

I'd love to hear your comments too.

Thanks for helping.


Holidays & Occasions

Two days ago, I visited my friends at the airport and I met this 16 year old boy who was going to turn 17 on July 25th - he was the guy who dissed me.

Well, here goes the story...

I was talking to my friend who I haven't seen in a while and the kid walks by and sees me. When I left to say hi to my other friends who were working at Starbucks, he kept asking my friend Regie stuff about me. Obviously, my friend did not leave out the information that I play for the other team. The kid was apparently elated. When I came back to talk to Regie, the kid was talking to me and telling my that it would be his birthday the next day and that he would like someone to buy him a cake and flowers. I thought he was joking, so I kind of brushed it off and went with Regie to have a smoke. While having a smoke outside, something in me wanted to buy the kid a rose. Long story short, I did buy the kid a pink rose. At first I didn't know how to give it as I have never given a rose to another guy before. But, through peer pressure from Regie and Toni, I ended up giving the kid a rose. It was NICE seeing the kid smile from surprise and delight. So, I got my flirt on and stayed at the store the kid was working at pretending that I was there to talk to Regie. In the end, the kid gave me his facebook. Well played, I thought to myself.

Apparently, I misread the signs, or I mistook kindness and politeness for flirting back. I got a call today and Regie told me that Daniela, the kid's friend told her that the kid DOES NOT like me at all, not one bit. I was kind of just laughing on the other end of the line. But, I think that deep inside, I was actually crushed. I have put my love live in the back seat for a VERY LONG time, and now that I actually decided to take a chance, I got dissed. REALLY SAD!

Maybe it's just not the right time for me...maybe, I should just wait...maybe I am just meant to be SINGLE.

This incident makes me qusetion myself, "Am I the JUST FRIENDS type?"

25 July 2008

New Crushes

Well, I was just hanging out yesterday and I should say that it was very productive. Now, I have three new crushes, and I think that I am going through my Asian phase again coz all three of them are Asian. I was totally getting my flirt on yesterday. So, check them out and see who I should go out with. In all honesty, I think I am in love with one of them.




24 July 2008

January Wedding

A pair of wedding rings

January must have been the busiest month of thie year so far. I had to help organize and plan the wedding of one of my closest friends, Julie Ann.

After a year of dating, Antoni (Antek as he is fondly called), Julie Ann decided to get married - she was pregnant after all. I just have to say that their relationship was not at all like a fairytale. Antek looked like a prince though. Anyways, we were all doubtful of Antek's real intentions of marrying Julie Ann. We were all worried that he was just marrying Julie Ann for the sake of getting Canadian citizenship. Well, both Julie Ann and Antek weathered the storm and they did continue with the wedding. In front of God, their family, and friends, they vowed to love each other for the rest of their lives - in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, till death do they part.

Above is the picture of my friend Julie Ann and her GORGEOUS husband Antek on their wedding day. I would like to know who would want to screw the hot Polak groom, so please answer the poll question below. When you are making the decision, please keep in mind that Antek has a great body (he's into wrestling), and as per Julie Ann, he is GIFTED down there.

Anyways, we're almost into August and they are still together and they now have a beautiful baby girl. I guess we really shouldn't judge those people who get married. Love is the most powerful thing in the world after all.

Well, for those of you who weren't at the wedding above is a video of the highlights of the wedding made by Marcin.

In this day and age, where marriage seems to be overrated, do you still believe in marriage?

Well...below is what my wedding cake topper would look like. That is if I ever get married.

Seattle Opens Its First Annual Gay Wedding Show

*Well, that's the first of the many updates that I need to blog about so keep checking in.

21 July 2008

Back To Blog

I am back bitches!

After a VERY LONG absence from blogging, I think I am ready to say that I am BACK. I have to say that I really missed blogging. Although it kept me up until the unholy hours of the night, blogging was very satisfying to me; it was and it still is a form of release for me - an outlet for my angst and all the other emotions that run through me.

There have been interesting changes in my life that started July 1st of this year...so keep checking in and you wil be updated with my so called life.