29 September 2007

HS Reunion

Well, it's that time! It's about time for our 10 year high school reunion. So, I am quite busy collaborating with some of my batchmates so that we can come up with a good plan for our reunion slated to happen on January 2009. The reunion will need someone to host the event. As you all know, I would do anything to be popular, so I am quite busy making a video for my audition. I am not doing the video all by myself, my friend Carlski would be helping me. I just finished filming all the clips. However, I am not able to show you the full video yet, 'coz Carlski would have to edit it and come up with stuff to make it look pretty. But, since you all are my avid readers, I am going to give you a glimpse/teaser of the video.

[EDIT: The original video has been replaced due to some sensitive forms of low-lifes who obviously can't take a joke! Nonetheless, I replaced it with 3 videos...ENJOY!]

VIDEO DISCLAIMER -- The videos that you have just seen were made because of the following reasons: (1) I was bored, (2) I want to make myself famous on youtube, and (3) I am funny and I want to make people laugh!

If you have been offended by any of the videos (or the original video that was posted, if you have seen it), GO TO THE CORNER OF YOUR ROOM AND ASSUME THE FETAL POSITION, THEN START CRYING AND EAT YOUR OWN HAIR!!!



evi said...

galing! parang the buzz ah. submit mo ito sa ABS-CBN o hindi ba sa GMA. malay mo baka makuha kang host ng showbiz chismis.

Carlski said...


Anyway, you haven't emailed the videos yet!