07 September 2007

US OPEN 2007

well, it's tha last grand slam event of this year's tennis season. it's almost over but, i just have to say that i am addicted to tennis. although my favorite tennis players are already out of contention, i am still glued to my bed watching the US open. i don't know, but there's just something about tennis that i find mesmerizing, so much so that i almost find it relazing. well, i am the type of person who can never stay at home...i always have to be on the go, but i have to say that tennis kept me home most of the time. well, since martina hingis and any roddick are both out, i guess i am going to cheer for venus williams and novak djokovic. i only have 2 more days of US open left as it ends on sunday...so i have to end this post and watch a lot of tennis 'coz venus wiliams is playing today.

oh, what would i ever do after the tennis season? ... oh, WAIT...the figure skating season and hocley season both start soon...I LOVE SPORTS!

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