12 September 2007


i just wanted to share my favorite song of all time. i have loved this song since i accidentally downloaded it through iMesh. i just love the lyrics of the song. the video features clay aiken (from american idol season 2) singing the song, PROUD OF YOUR BOY. this song was deleted from aladdin due to the changes that were made in the story. however, it is still a great song. please watch the video below and listen to the lyricsof the song and you'll see why i LOVE this song.

to my MOM and DAD: one day you'll see...i'll make you proud of your boy!

for all those who don't like clay aiken, you can go on youtube and pick the video that you want with the same song. trust me, they used this song to dub pretty much with every disney movie.


JM said...

Clay Aiken's voice is so Disney. haha. Perfect for this song.

david.edward said...

gusto ko iyong kanta and ang galing ng pagkakanta nya.