26 September 2007

For Her

I don't know
what it is;
I don't know
how and when
or why it happened.
All I know
is it did.
And that now,
all I am
is confused.

I tried to think it over;
maybe it's just a fluke,
maybe it's all the jokes,
maybe it's just me, or
maybe this is it.

I confided with my friends.
They were shocked.
They were happy.
They all said
I should change.

To change the subtle gestures,
To change the flamboyant actions,
To change the person
that you got to know
as a friend.

But then,
I asked myself,
Why should I change?
Why can you not like me,
for the person that I am?
Why should I try to be
the person
that I am not?

The answer is simple:
so that you'll like me,
so that you'll notice me.

Should I change
or should I not?

Confusing as things are,
one thing is black and white,
I am falling for you.

It's a risk.
One that I
am willing to take.
The consequences are severe:
your friendship I could lose
your heart I could win.

To change or
not to change?
The answer,
I do not know.

One thing is
sure and true,
that is,
I love you!

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