19 September 2007


if you haven't noticed, my new obsessions are video responses on youtube and polling my blah-g readers (if i do have some). i think this is a step forward for my blah-g. if you haven't seen my videos on youtube (which i highly doubt that you have seen them 'coz i just started ding videos and i am not that popular), just read the old posts that i have...i have posted 3 videos so far. i have one where i was singing the theme from little mermaid, i have a video response to chris crocker's (who i think is deranged) leave britney alone, and my latest video is a response to the video which shows a university of florida being tasered. i love doing commentaries, so if there is a video out there that you think is controversial...or if you would like to hear my opinion on something via video, just give me a holler and i would surely try my best to make the video for you.

i also am trying to poll my readers (whoa!) at the end of my post...i thought of doing this as not all blah-g readers or hoppers have the time to actually type a comment so, i should just poll them...as simple as a two mouse clicks and i would know if my readers are agreeing with me or if they simply want me to shove my opinions where the sun don't shine.

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