11 September 2007


i have been toying around with the idea of quitting my job for the past month or so. i am happy to say that i finally did it. last sunday, i emailed the director of customer service my resignation letter...i finally managed to quit. i think that it's for the best 'coz i lost interest in the job and i have been calling in sick even though i am not...well, thank god for photoshop 'coz i managed to make really believable doctor's notes. anyways, i wasn't happy anymore with that job. i felt as though i did not belong there...i felt like i was going nowhere and i was just coming on for the sake of it...i actually want a job where i would be looking forward to coming in to work and not being stressed while i am there...don't get me wrong, i know that work comes with stress but i didn't like the stress that i was dealing with, plus it's really boring to sit a cubicle and answer phone calls and emails all day...so, i finally resigned...i am in between jobs right now, and i am enjoying it...i have a couple of interviews lined up this week starting on friday so wish me luck...oh, and if you know of anyone that's looking give me a head's up!

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