13 September 2007


i was browsing youtube when i came across this video of a guy trying to fend for britney spears because there's a lot of critics there who are simply trying to do their job by bashing britney spears. reading about it will not give you the full experience of the video so, just watch the video below.

i wanted to post a response on my blah-g. however, i highly doubt that the guy in the video would come across my blah-g, so i posted a video response. thankfully, i have my N91 and a USB cable beside me! see my video response below.

well, one chooses to be a public figure/property when they enter the world of showbiz. i think chris crocker (the guy in the video) should know that. to be honest, i think that britney spears self-destructed. the good thing is that people ae still talking about britney. heck, there is no such thing as bad publicity. don't get me wrong, i used to like britney spears. OMG, i even remember walking in makati with my friend JP and he told me that britney is so pretty (JP is straight and this was about 8 years ago). okay, honestly, i used to think that britney is the epitomy of beauty and hotness, but things change so let's all grow up and move on.

i understand that britney wants to make a comeback, and i am not against that. however, her performance at the VMAs was short of spectacular. i think that she should some out with a super hot dance track, and i hope to god that she doesn't lip sync.

i think that britney should even be thankful to the writers and the tabloids. if not for them she would probably be starring in the surreal life right now.

to BRITNEY SPEARS -- good luck with the comeback, and with th child custody battle.

to CHRIS CROCKER -- get some serious help!


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