12 September 2007


the other day i received an email from payperpost.com informing me that my blog has been rejected due to adult content and nudity. i guess this is because of my post regarding vanessa hudgens' naked pictures...well, in my opinion, i think that this is some form of blog censorship. i just don't understand why one would still try to filter content in this time and age where 23% of 15 year old students admitted to pre-marital sex. i know that i am setting myself up by posting this entry but i just have to say that i am against any form of censorship and i am all for freedom of the press, i guess i just have to be more careful in choosing the pictures that i post.

in regards to the vanessa hudgens post (which i think triggered the rejection), i think that the young people who idolize her have every right to know what she's been doing and decide for themselves if they still want to remain a fan. i guess this boils down to what values individuals learn both at home and school. i mean, i am exposed to porn and the like but i am not about to take a video of myself being humped by some random person and have it widely distributed on the internet. neither do i feel the urge of having my naked pictures be on a few desktops.

i don't know what else to say...all that i want to convey is that i am against censorship. maybe because i don't have kids yet...well, we'll see if my position changes once i have kids.

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