26 September 2007


On the walls
I see your face.
The lovely smile,
your teasing grin,
etched in my memory,
as the days go by
and my feelings for you
grow stronger.

My heart leaps
each and every time
I hear your voice.
Every word
you utter,
every sound
you make,
is music to my ears.

I melt
each time
you look at me
for your eyes
are warm.
The glitter
and the sparkle
that they have
bring light
into my life.

I always
to see you.
I cravce
to hear
your voice.
I have
always wished
we could be
and that it
could last

in my mind,
and locked
in my heart
you will
always be.
My love
for you
will never

There is one thing
I seek,
one thing I wish
I had.
I hope
one day
I'll have the courage
to hold your hand;
the courage
to look deep
into your eyes;
the courage
to say
I will love you
and forever.

Until I get
that courage,
my feelings
wil remain
we will
always be.
I just wish
that you can
wait for me.

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