30 September 2007

Devil Beside You

If you haven't already figured it out, I am addicted to dramas and/or series. My last addiction was the Korean drama, Coffee Prince. However, to keep fueling my addiction, I have moved on to the Taiwanese drama, Devil Beside You. I fell in love with this drama right after I watched the first episode. In this drama, not do I only find the guys HOT (I LOVE TAIWANESE GUYS!), but I also happened to like the story. I also like how the series was shot. I love the camera work, and most of all I love the teleplay.

Devil Beside You stars, Rainie Yang and Mike He (HOTNESS!).

Qi Yue, a young college student writes a love letter for her crush, the basketball captain, Yuan Yi. Due to Qi Yue's clumsiness, she accidentally hands the letter and professes her love to Ahmon, the "devil" son of the school president. By some trick of fate, Qi Yue and Ahmon will fall for each other. How long will their love last, once they find out that Ahmon's dad is about to marry Qi Yue's mom. Will they be "dangerous" siblings? To even complicate things, Ahrang, Ahmon's younger brother, vows to hurt Ahmon and take Qi Yue; Ahmon's grandmother sets up an arranged marriage for Ahmon, Qi Yue's first love returns to their school. How will Qi Yue and Ahmon keep their love alive? Can Qi Yue really tame the devil?

Watch the Devil Beside You and see if a bad boy can really fall in love with a sweet and innocent girl. Interested? Click the preview below!

Full episodes are available to download from Veoh.

[Photo Credits: men.stareastasia.com]

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Tralaland said...

well, Lavender is taiwanese so I guess they really do make good dramas