13 September 2007


i was having a conversation with my friend the other day and he asked me what i wanted to do with my life. so, i told him that i wanted to be an artista. he then told me, ako na ang magsasabi sa'yo na wala kang K mag-showbiz (translation: i am telling you, you have no right to belong in showbiz). i have to admit that i was a bit hurt, offended even. i mean, do i have no right to dream anymore. i didn't want to solicit neither a fight nor an argument so i just kept to myself (which by the way was very hard for me 'coz i am a member of the debate team). anyways, so just to release some anger and to have some form of response i made a video clip.

okay, i know that i have REALLY set myself up by posting this video, but i am a big boy now and i can take the criticism. well, i made the video response just 'coz i wanted to have my own video to upload on youtube. forgive the video quality as i took the video using my N91 in my room with the lights off.

i may not belong to philippine showbiz, but i guess i can create my own showbiz realm within my blog.

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