30 September 2007

Devil Beside You

If you haven't already figured it out, I am addicted to dramas and/or series. My last addiction was the Korean drama, Coffee Prince. However, to keep fueling my addiction, I have moved on to the Taiwanese drama, Devil Beside You. I fell in love with this drama right after I watched the first episode. In this drama, not do I only find the guys HOT (I LOVE TAIWANESE GUYS!), but I also happened to like the story. I also like how the series was shot. I love the camera work, and most of all I love the teleplay.

Devil Beside You stars, Rainie Yang and Mike He (HOTNESS!).

Qi Yue, a young college student writes a love letter for her crush, the basketball captain, Yuan Yi. Due to Qi Yue's clumsiness, she accidentally hands the letter and professes her love to Ahmon, the "devil" son of the school president. By some trick of fate, Qi Yue and Ahmon will fall for each other. How long will their love last, once they find out that Ahmon's dad is about to marry Qi Yue's mom. Will they be "dangerous" siblings? To even complicate things, Ahrang, Ahmon's younger brother, vows to hurt Ahmon and take Qi Yue; Ahmon's grandmother sets up an arranged marriage for Ahmon, Qi Yue's first love returns to their school. How will Qi Yue and Ahmon keep their love alive? Can Qi Yue really tame the devil?

Watch the Devil Beside You and see if a bad boy can really fall in love with a sweet and innocent girl. Interested? Click the preview below!

Full episodes are available to download from Veoh.

[Photo Credits: men.stareastasia.com]

29 September 2007

HS Reunion

Well, it's that time! It's about time for our 10 year high school reunion. So, I am quite busy collaborating with some of my batchmates so that we can come up with a good plan for our reunion slated to happen on January 2009. The reunion will need someone to host the event. As you all know, I would do anything to be popular, so I am quite busy making a video for my audition. I am not doing the video all by myself, my friend Carlski would be helping me. I just finished filming all the clips. However, I am not able to show you the full video yet, 'coz Carlski would have to edit it and come up with stuff to make it look pretty. But, since you all are my avid readers, I am going to give you a glimpse/teaser of the video.

[EDIT: The original video has been replaced due to some sensitive forms of low-lifes who obviously can't take a joke! Nonetheless, I replaced it with 3 videos...ENJOY!]

VIDEO DISCLAIMER -- The videos that you have just seen were made because of the following reasons: (1) I was bored, (2) I want to make myself famous on youtube, and (3) I am funny and I want to make people laugh!

If you have been offended by any of the videos (or the original video that was posted, if you have seen it), GO TO THE CORNER OF YOUR ROOM AND ASSUME THE FETAL POSITION, THEN START CRYING AND EAT YOUR OWN HAIR!!!


Home Alone

Well, I will be home alone this weekend. My parents are on a weekend get-away with their friends. They will all be in Whistler, BC. I on the other hand will be all by myself in our house for 3 days. I just hope that nothing bad happens and that I stay safe. I am so bored! I am not sure what to do!


26 September 2007


For the longest time
I have ignored
that voice inside;
the voice that whispers,
the voice that urges,
the voice that says,
I can love again.

Ignoring that voice,
ignoring that beat,
ignoring that feeling,
worked well for me.

I lived the life
that's unexpected of me.
I lived the life
that nobody chose for me.
I lived life
one day at a time,
ignoring that voice,
the whispers,
the urges,
the beat,
the feeling.

with my guard down,
you happened to me.

The whispers
were louder.
The urges
were stronger.
The feeling
more intense.
The beat,
more powerful
than ever.

I tried
to supress them.
I tried
to ignore them.
All efforts
were nothing
but failure.

I was out
of options;
I had to
give in.

One day at a time,
I lived
the life that
is expected of me,
the life that
is deemed normal;
my metamorphosis began.

Slowly and unsure,
I changed for you.
I thought
it was working
because I got
closer to you.
Little did I know,
I was just
a friend to you.

I thought
there was more.
I knew
I wanted more.

I might have
mixed the signals.
I might have
misread the signs.
I am
just a friend.
Nothing more,
nothing less.

My metamorphosis
should not have
involved my heart
that' what happened
and it's all because
of you.

You broke me heart,
shattered it into pieces;
you ignored
my feelings too.

I despise you.

I can't be
your friend.
I can't let
things go.

I'll live this life
going forward
because I know
that it is right.

as my metamorphosis
and my journey
ignored will be
that voice,
that beat,
that feeling,
and that urge...

...too bad,

you will
also be.


On the walls
I see your face.
The lovely smile,
your teasing grin,
etched in my memory,
as the days go by
and my feelings for you
grow stronger.

My heart leaps
each and every time
I hear your voice.
Every word
you utter,
every sound
you make,
is music to my ears.

I melt
each time
you look at me
for your eyes
are warm.
The glitter
and the sparkle
that they have
bring light
into my life.

I always
to see you.
I cravce
to hear
your voice.
I have
always wished
we could be
and that it
could last

in my mind,
and locked
in my heart
you will
always be.
My love
for you
will never

There is one thing
I seek,
one thing I wish
I had.
I hope
one day
I'll have the courage
to hold your hand;
the courage
to look deep
into your eyes;
the courage
to say
I will love you
and forever.

Until I get
that courage,
my feelings
wil remain
we will
always be.
I just wish
that you can
wait for me.

For Her

I don't know
what it is;
I don't know
how and when
or why it happened.
All I know
is it did.
And that now,
all I am
is confused.

I tried to think it over;
maybe it's just a fluke,
maybe it's all the jokes,
maybe it's just me, or
maybe this is it.

I confided with my friends.
They were shocked.
They were happy.
They all said
I should change.

To change the subtle gestures,
To change the flamboyant actions,
To change the person
that you got to know
as a friend.

But then,
I asked myself,
Why should I change?
Why can you not like me,
for the person that I am?
Why should I try to be
the person
that I am not?

The answer is simple:
so that you'll like me,
so that you'll notice me.

Should I change
or should I not?

Confusing as things are,
one thing is black and white,
I am falling for you.

It's a risk.
One that I
am willing to take.
The consequences are severe:
your friendship I could lose
your heart I could win.

To change or
not to change?
The answer,
I do not know.

One thing is
sure and true,
that is,
I love you!

I Have A New Job

I just wanted to share with you guys that after almost a month of being unemployed, I now have a new job. Yes, it's just a job! It's not a career or anything, but I guess it wil do for now. I have to be honest that I was really BORED when I was unemployed. The only good thing that came with being unemployed is that I got to spend a lot of time with my dog (Mojo), and I got to catch up on my reading. Now, I am not going to go into details of what I would be doing and where. I don't want any stalkers! Anyways, I start work on Monday. Thankfully, I just live about 15 minutes away from where I would be working so I would still be able to sleep in (plus, my shift isn't that early).

I am so happy now that I have a job. I will no longer be bored and I can now put my travel plans in order.


25 September 2007

Coffee Prince

Eun Chan, the head of a family falls in love with "his" boss, Han Kyul. Han Kyul, who wants to escape a marriage that is being plotted by his grandmother, hires Eun Chan to be his "gay" lover. Little did he know that he will fall in love with this kid (Eun Chan). How will Han Kyul face his homosexuality? Will he truly fall in love with Eun Chan? Will he love "him" even if he finds out that "he" is just pretending to be "gay"?

Watch how this unique story unfold in 17 cups (episodes)...laugh and cry with Eun Chan and Han Kyul, in this truly well-written Korean drama.

If you haven't guessed already, I am addicted to Korean drama. The first one that I fell in love with was Full House, and now I am head over heels crazy over this new series that I just finished watching, Coffee Prince. I literally finished watching the entire series in 1 day...yes, I know, I have no life and I should get one! However, check it out and see if you'll get hooked to it. One of the underlying themes of this drama is homophobia. I know you all have opinions on it, so go ahead and answer the poll below or better yet, leave me a comment.

You can download Coffee Prince from Veoh. If you are in Vancouver, BC, you can purchase the DVD set of Coffee Prince at the Richmond Night Market or at the Crystal Mall in Burnaby.


23 September 2007

The Cafeteria Song

The last video that I uploaded on youtube has been viewed by almost 2,000 people and have been commented for at least 50 times. However, not all the comments were nice and I was quite shocked and (frankly) hurt by some of the ugly comments that I had read. I guess there will always be haters no matter where you go. So, I decided to make a video that is light and funny.

The video features the song/jingle that we made during our junior year in high school. Big thanks to Carlski for still remembering the lyrics. I hope you enjoy the video and that you have fun watching it.

Okay, I know that I am not a great singer, so no need to post some nasty comments about that. Nonetheless, I apologize if your ears were bleeding while you were listening to that video. Thank God Simon Cowell will never visit this blah-g. I could just imagine the comment that he would make.

Just for fun, please answer the poll below :-)

The Taser Song

The other day I did avideo response to the incident that happened at the University of Florida. The video response that I did was in the form of a commentary. My friend, Carlski, also made a video response to what had happened. Carlski's response was in the form of a song -- an original song that he composed. I thought that it was very creative and the song was really funny and that is why I am posting the video on my blah-g; of course aside from that fact that Carlski is one of my closest friends.

I hope that you liked that song. Carlski has a channel on youtube, visit him and see his other creative videos.

22 September 2007

Honesty Lives On

It is nice when you hear stories about honesty especially when it comes to money. I have been very skeptical these days as I had lost a number of wallets and nobody returned them...as a matter of fact, I have been robbed. However, my friend Evi's recent blog post proved me wrong and it made me realize that there are still honest people who walk the face of the earth. Evi's post made me realize that there is such a thing as a conscience. Evi is living proof that material things are not the key to one's happiness - it is, instead, peace of mind.

Evi took a trip to the bank one day to deposit some money. To her surprise, while she was checking the transaction receipt, she found out that the teller had made a mistake of entering $30,000 instead of $300. Evi, notified the bank of the situation; Evi had been very honest. Now, what I wrote is just a summary of what had happened. If you want to find out what had happened and how Evi practiced honesty, please visit her blog.

21 September 2007

I got a dog.

I adopted a dog a couple of days ago and I named him Mojo. It's been a while since I last had a dog. I think it's been 4 or 5 years. I have to say that I am so happy that I adopted Mojo. I used to always head out and just wander in the city, but now I actually want to stay home with Mojo. Well, is this how it's going to be when I have children? Anyways, I went out with my friend Julie Ann the other day and of course I took Mojo with me including a big bag of necessities. It's a lot of work to take your dog out somewhere, but then again it's very rewarding. Dogs are very sweet! I just love it when I come home and Mojo is there by the door already waiting for me. Since it's been a while since I last had a dog, Mojo is going to be really spoiled...he even sleeps in my bed!

Having a dog also has a downside. Mojo wakes up everytime he hears a door open and he crie when he sees somebody leave...so, I am guessing that there would be no late night hook ups for me. The positive side of it is that I save money on going out (which I then spend on things for Mojo, so really...NO SAVINGS) and I get to catch up on my reading.


I LOVE DOGS and dawgs!

19 September 2007


if you haven't noticed, my new obsessions are video responses on youtube and polling my blah-g readers (if i do have some). i think this is a step forward for my blah-g. if you haven't seen my videos on youtube (which i highly doubt that you have seen them 'coz i just started ding videos and i am not that popular), just read the old posts that i have...i have posted 3 videos so far. i have one where i was singing the theme from little mermaid, i have a video response to chris crocker's (who i think is deranged) leave britney alone, and my latest video is a response to the video which shows a university of florida being tasered. i love doing commentaries, so if there is a video out there that you think is controversial...or if you would like to hear my opinion on something via video, just give me a holler and i would surely try my best to make the video for you.

i also am trying to poll my readers (whoa!) at the end of my post...i thought of doing this as not all blah-g readers or hoppers have the time to actually type a comment so, i should just poll them...as simple as a two mouse clicks and i would know if my readers are agreeing with me or if they simply want me to shove my opinions where the sun don't shine.

18 September 2007


okay, i am really hungry right now but i just have to post this entry 'coz i am so passionate about this issue/topic. i just came out of the shower when i saw something on the news about a journalism student from university of florida who was tasered at an open forum with john kerry. see video below.

well, what do you think? do you care as much as i do? frankly i care very much that i just had to do a video response aside from the fact that i am trying to make myself famous on youtube. anyways, my response is below.

there, i ranted! and this time it's not about my friend JP (there JP, i mentioned you on my blah-g). anyways, i just think that it's sad that this sort of suppression of ideas still happen in the university. i think that we should encourage radical thinking in universities. i think that the organizers of the event should have been more prepared in terms of the questions that would be thrown at john kerry. after all, people are often very passionate about politics and/or religion. they could have avoided this by actually screening the questions before giving the student the podium. in any event, i just don't think that the student should have been tasered when he was clearly being hand-cuffed and when there were 4 officers pinning him to the ground.

to ANDREW MEYERS -- i fully support you and fully support freedom of speech.



if you haven't noticed, i have a new banner for this blah-g. so i just would like to thank my friend since 1st grade, carlski. honestly, i have no patience to try and figure out how to work photoshop, so i am VERY thankful that gian made 2 banners for me.

well, carlski told me to put the 2nd one up 'coz he likes that one. as for me, i like the first one better. what do you think?

13 September 2007


i was browsing youtube when i came across this video of a guy trying to fend for britney spears because there's a lot of critics there who are simply trying to do their job by bashing britney spears. reading about it will not give you the full experience of the video so, just watch the video below.

i wanted to post a response on my blah-g. however, i highly doubt that the guy in the video would come across my blah-g, so i posted a video response. thankfully, i have my N91 and a USB cable beside me! see my video response below.

well, one chooses to be a public figure/property when they enter the world of showbiz. i think chris crocker (the guy in the video) should know that. to be honest, i think that britney spears self-destructed. the good thing is that people ae still talking about britney. heck, there is no such thing as bad publicity. don't get me wrong, i used to like britney spears. OMG, i even remember walking in makati with my friend JP and he told me that britney is so pretty (JP is straight and this was about 8 years ago). okay, honestly, i used to think that britney is the epitomy of beauty and hotness, but things change so let's all grow up and move on.

i understand that britney wants to make a comeback, and i am not against that. however, her performance at the VMAs was short of spectacular. i think that she should some out with a super hot dance track, and i hope to god that she doesn't lip sync.

i think that britney should even be thankful to the writers and the tabloids. if not for them she would probably be starring in the surreal life right now.

to BRITNEY SPEARS -- good luck with the comeback, and with th child custody battle.

to CHRIS CROCKER -- get some serious help!



i was having a conversation with my friend the other day and he asked me what i wanted to do with my life. so, i told him that i wanted to be an artista. he then told me, ako na ang magsasabi sa'yo na wala kang K mag-showbiz (translation: i am telling you, you have no right to belong in showbiz). i have to admit that i was a bit hurt, offended even. i mean, do i have no right to dream anymore. i didn't want to solicit neither a fight nor an argument so i just kept to myself (which by the way was very hard for me 'coz i am a member of the debate team). anyways, so just to release some anger and to have some form of response i made a video clip.

okay, i know that i have REALLY set myself up by posting this video, but i am a big boy now and i can take the criticism. well, i made the video response just 'coz i wanted to have my own video to upload on youtube. forgive the video quality as i took the video using my N91 in my room with the lights off.

i may not belong to philippine showbiz, but i guess i can create my own showbiz realm within my blog.

12 September 2007


the other day i received an email from payperpost.com informing me that my blog has been rejected due to adult content and nudity. i guess this is because of my post regarding vanessa hudgens' naked pictures...well, in my opinion, i think that this is some form of blog censorship. i just don't understand why one would still try to filter content in this time and age where 23% of 15 year old students admitted to pre-marital sex. i know that i am setting myself up by posting this entry but i just have to say that i am against any form of censorship and i am all for freedom of the press, i guess i just have to be more careful in choosing the pictures that i post.

in regards to the vanessa hudgens post (which i think triggered the rejection), i think that the young people who idolize her have every right to know what she's been doing and decide for themselves if they still want to remain a fan. i guess this boils down to what values individuals learn both at home and school. i mean, i am exposed to porn and the like but i am not about to take a video of myself being humped by some random person and have it widely distributed on the internet. neither do i feel the urge of having my naked pictures be on a few desktops.

i don't know what else to say...all that i want to convey is that i am against censorship. maybe because i don't have kids yet...well, we'll see if my position changes once i have kids.


i just wanted to share my favorite song of all time. i have loved this song since i accidentally downloaded it through iMesh. i just love the lyrics of the song. the video features clay aiken (from american idol season 2) singing the song, PROUD OF YOUR BOY. this song was deleted from aladdin due to the changes that were made in the story. however, it is still a great song. please watch the video below and listen to the lyricsof the song and you'll see why i LOVE this song.

to my MOM and DAD: one day you'll see...i'll make you proud of your boy!

for all those who don't like clay aiken, you can go on youtube and pick the video that you want with the same song. trust me, they used this song to dub pretty much with every disney movie.

11 September 2007


the philippines finally came up with it's equivalent (counterpart if you will) to iTunes. this website will feature all OPM songs from the currebt hits to the oldies. i am not sure how the site works yet as it has been under technical testing for two weeks now. all that i know is that it will be a pay site as they are gearing to paying royalties to those who actually deserve them. i don't know if this will work 'coz pretty much everybody that i know will download free music whenever posible. i just hope that there are still honest people out there who would actually pay to download OPM music.


i have been toying around with the idea of quitting my job for the past month or so. i am happy to say that i finally did it. last sunday, i emailed the director of customer service my resignation letter...i finally managed to quit. i think that it's for the best 'coz i lost interest in the job and i have been calling in sick even though i am not...well, thank god for photoshop 'coz i managed to make really believable doctor's notes. anyways, i wasn't happy anymore with that job. i felt as though i did not belong there...i felt like i was going nowhere and i was just coming on for the sake of it...i actually want a job where i would be looking forward to coming in to work and not being stressed while i am there...don't get me wrong, i know that work comes with stress but i didn't like the stress that i was dealing with, plus it's really boring to sit a cubicle and answer phone calls and emails all day...so, i finally resigned...i am in between jobs right now, and i am enjoying it...i have a couple of interviews lined up this week starting on friday so wish me luck...oh, and if you know of anyone that's looking give me a head's up!


well, summer is almost officially over.

it doesn't fell like i have done anything this summer. i mean, nothing happened this summer. i used to play volleyball and tennis and hang-out with my friends at the mall, but it seems that this summer was really boring and would be long forgotten in a couple of weeks. i don't even have anything to remember this summer by. hmmm, what did i do this summer.

KELOWNA 2007 -- i guess, this is the highlight of my summer. i went to kelowna with the ramirez family. we spent about 3 days there. we pretty much just walked along the beach, ate, played cards, and slept. we also went swimming a couple of times and we played mini-golf, and we celebrated Canada Day there. we had a barbecue for our last dinner. it was fun while it lasted. oh, we also got temporary tattoos which was supposed to last for a week or two but disappeared in a couple of days.

VOLLEYBALL -- i haven't played volleyball (or any sport) in such a long time. i have to say that i really miss playing and being active. maybe this is why i don't feel that healthy anymore. i used to play volleyball every saturday...i even miss playing table tennis and badminton...i guess i have to find friends who are willing to be active and actually sweat. man, my whole routine and regimen changed ever since we moved to Canada.

25TH BIRTHDAY, 08.22.1982 -- well, i turned 25 this year, but i have to say that this birthday SUCKED. well, only a few people remembered and i didn't get to celebrate. don't get me wrong, i wanted to celebrate my birthday but it seems that everybody were too busy to actually pretend that they like me well enough to go to my birthday party. i mean, if they didn't even remember that it's my birthday, what would make me think that they would actually take the time to buy me a present and let alone come to my birthday party...plus, i am not the person who would pick up my phone or open my email just to listen and read the lame excuses that they had come up with so that they don't make me feel bad that they are actually missing my birthday...oh well, enough about my birthday...it's just so yesterday...i guess my friend JP is right...when people forget your birthday, it only means that you are getting OLD.

2007 RICHMOND NIGHT MARKET -- well, i guess this is one more thing that i did this year. i frequented the night market with gail, julie kris and tita mila...although i didn't get to buy anything this year, i have to say that every visit was worth it 'coz i ate whatever i wanted. it's still open until the first weekend of october, so i guess i have to make the most of it 'coz they might not have it in richmond next year.

so, there you go. that's my summer in a nutshell! i guess i have to start planning and saving money now for next summer...and trust me, i will plan for a very exciting and memorable summer.

10 September 2007


well, the last tennis grandslam event of the year has been concluded. although, my favorites did not win, i have to say that i found a new favorite player, NOVAK DJOKOVIC.

novak, is very charming. the thing that i love about him is that he doesn't take himself very seriously...in fact he does impersonations of the other players on tour and he is actually good! watch the video below and see for yourself.

US OPEN 2007 UPDATE -- justine henin and roger federer both prevail as the champions in their respective events.

07 September 2007

US OPEN 2007

well, it's tha last grand slam event of this year's tennis season. it's almost over but, i just have to say that i am addicted to tennis. although my favorite tennis players are already out of contention, i am still glued to my bed watching the US open. i don't know, but there's just something about tennis that i find mesmerizing, so much so that i almost find it relazing. well, i am the type of person who can never stay at home...i always have to be on the go, but i have to say that tennis kept me home most of the time. well, since martina hingis and any roddick are both out, i guess i am going to cheer for venus williams and novak djokovic. i only have 2 more days of US open left as it ends on sunday...so i have to end this post and watch a lot of tennis 'coz venus wiliams is playing today.

oh, what would i ever do after the tennis season? ... oh, WAIT...the figure skating season and hocley season both start soon...I LOVE SPORTS!


i know that it's quite early, but i just have to post this entry. oh, and due to a very graphic nude picture, PARENTAL DISCRETION IS STRONGLY ADVISED!

okay, apparently another girl is added to the "A" list which includes the likes of britney (failed marriage-bad mom) spears, paris (i'll make a porn with my boyfriend) hilton, and lindsay (i'll snort coccaine and drive drunk while chasing my assistant's mom) lohan...add vanessa hudgens to the list. yes, VANESSA HUDGENS, who played gabriella in the recent disney movie, high school musical 2. now, i am not going to use the word allegedly in this post when i refer to the pictures as vanessa hudgens' publicist has confirmed the authenticity of the photos. reports say that vanessa hudgens took the naked pictures for her boyfriend's (zac efron) birthday. now, i already know that they are doing something even before these pictures came out. c'mon now, if zac efron was my boyfriend, i would be naked all the time. i just don't understand why she needed to take a picture of herself naked. i mean, we all know that they are having sex...so why would zac need to see a still photo of her when he can see it in the flesh and get to touch it too! oh, and what the hell kind of a birthday gift is that, naked pictures? what happened to the moolah that she made from high school musical and her CD...could she not have gotten a normal present?...like an expensive watch or something. oh well, i guess you really don't use your brain when you are in love.

i know that a lot of girls and guys alike would strip naked for zac efron without batting an eyelash, but this is just sad. i know that they are currently negotiating for high school musical 3 so, i just wonder how this blip would affect negotiations. hmmm, i sort of remember what what joey said on the episode of friends when they found a tape in richard's apartment with monica written on it...here it goes, "from my experience, when a girl agrees to get it on tape, they don't say no to anything else"...does this mean that somewhere out there is a sex tape that features both zac efron and vanessa hudgens? -- keep your fingers crossed! -- if there ever is a video of them going at it like bunnies, i believe that video would be more popular than paris' video...mainly because of zac efron.

well, i guess vanessa hudgens took a picture to make it last longer ;-)

P.S. to be fair to vanessa hudgens, i think that zac efron should also take naked pictures of himself and have it leak out somehow.


this post is on a sad note as one of the world's greatest tenors passed away. luciano pavarotti passed away to finally be one with the creator. in all honesty, i haven't really followed the career nor the works of luciano. the only thing that i know is that he is a great tenor and a wonderful opera singer. nonetheless, luciano is one great man who had a wonderful personality. i am sure that he is beloved by his family and his group of adoring fans...not to mention the people from the charities he has helped by raising money for them. it is always sad when someone passes, but i guess he has already prepared himself and his family for his pasing since he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2005. i might not know a whole lot about luciano, but i know that he can communicate through music. below, is a video of luciano singing a piece from my favorite opera, the la traviata.

06 September 2007


well, least to say, i was bored last night so i was blog hopping and saw a profile pic that seemed like a character from the simpsons. i then read the post and found out that they created a site dedicated to the simpsons movie. i know that they went all out to promote this movie. i saw the 7-11 stores that were transformed to become the kwik-e-mart. for all of you who don't know, I LOVE THE SIMPSONS, and i find homer very funny. so, since i was bored and couldn't sleep last night, i decided to vsit the site and i tried to see what i would look like if i were a charcter in the simpsons movie...i have to say that the outcome is not bad. it's actually fun to do it. after uploading your picture, you can actually customize and change your character according to what you think you look like. well, the only downside is that you can't really choose your outfit...it's not like SIMS. nonetheless, it's a fun site to visit of you are trying to clear your head 'coz nothing that you are studying seems to be seeping into your brain anymore...or your just a plain simpsons fanatic. now, i would like to thank that blog that led me to the site so that i could simpsonize myself, but i forgot to save the URL...it was 2:30 in the morning when i was blog hopping...anyways, thanks to my brother for getting me hooked to the simpsons.


05 September 2007


well, i finally gave in! i have added another thing to check and update (not to mention "pimp") when i turn my laptop on and visit the web. I NOW HAVE MULTIPLY! surprisingly, it wasn't that hard to sign up for multiply...it was quite easy. i have to be honest...i like multiply...you can post photos, videos, and sync your blogger to your multiply page. it's sort of a mini website for the HTML, CSS, XML, FLASH challenged individual like me! the only thing that i didn't like about it is that it took 10 minutes to upload a video...but other than that, everything is pretty much EASY. now, i just started using multipy, so it's not quite pimped out yet...i hope that it will be soon enough...and yes, i used zac efron as my background image. well, if you have nothing important to do (now that you've almost finished reading this entry), click on the picture and see my multiply page.

03 September 2007


well, like what i have mentioned on a previous post, i am at an age where most of my friends are getting engaged and married. so, i guess it's cool if i blah-g about their upcoming weddings.

ANGEL CLEMENTE and CASSIDY JONES -- well, this wedding will take place on september 22...i am not sure where and what time 'coz i am still waiting on the invitation that angel told me was sent ASAP...anyways, this will be the first same sex wedding ceremony that i would be attending. honestly, i am quite excited about it...i want to know what goes on during the ceremony...i am not even sure if it's going to be a civil wedding or a church wedding. oh well, i am even more excited about the reception...i wonder if there would be a bouquet toss (and a garter toss)...well, i don't want to try and figure out who would be wearing what but, i would be looking forward to the event. the wedding party would most likely have a lot of single gay guys...i guess i would have to dress up real nice... you never know; one might find "the one" at a wedding party.

JULIE ANN BERINGUEL and ANTEK (REALLY LONG, HARD TO SPELL POLISH LAST NAME) -- well, they just got engaged this year and because they want to get married during spring or summer, this wedding would not be taking place until next year. i am VERY excited about this wedding 'coz julie ann told me that she would need my help in planning...i love planning parties. this wedding would be interesting as i am looking forward as to how compromises would be made to accomodate both filipino and polish traditions for a very lovely ceremony...well, at least i know one thing, there will be a lot of alcohol at the wedding reception...polish people love their alcohol (i guess it goes the same for filipinos too)...well, julie ann and antek hasn't even decided if they want a civil or a church wedding...all i know is that they would be spending a LOT of money for this wedding.

A MESSAGE FOR THE COUPLES -- i wish my friends a happy married life! i hope that you go through the trials and tribualtions of married life without any bloodshed.

* in line with this marriage post, my grandmother is almost pushing me to get married as she would want a great grandchild by the time she and my grandfather celebrates their 50th wedding anniversary! oh, lord help me!