29 August 2007


well, it's the second day that i am sick. i HATE being sick. not only am i not making money, i am also VERY bored. as of now, i am still listening to the kid carson show on the beat 94.5. however, the show only has 40 minutes left and then it's back to boredom...i guess i can take a walk outside...if my body would be willing to cooperate. i am not sure what caused me to be sick but my guess is it's because the weather is changing...SUMMER IS CLOSE TO IT'S END! yes, i said it summer is ending, and i am VERY happy about it 'coz i am a fall/winter person. anyways, this post isn't going anywhere as my brain is clearly not working 'coz i am sick...i'll probably just stay home, have some soup, and catch up on my reading

i hope i get well SOON!


evi said...

get well soon, mark! why not watch some korean series to keep you company?

zham said...

hey mark! omg! i almost did not recognized you... Bote = bautista? hehe
thanks, i'm so in to photogrphy now...
i've just finished my first fast track course on digital photography.. next i'll be taking up studio portrait photography. I'm so excited about it already.
how are you now? i hope you're already well.
take care and keep me posted!