10 August 2007


well, i have updated my blah-g with some 3rd party features/functionality. surprisingly, it wasn't that hard to do it! i have added a translator to my page...in line with wanting to conquer the world through this blah-g. now, people who would have difficulties in reading english (or should i say, my version of english), have the option of translating it in one of the languages available. i just have to say that this is the coolest feature that i have added so far!!! adding features is so cool!

on the same note, i would have to watch myself and ask if i really need the features that i am adding to my blah-g. i want this blah-g to be simple yet sophisticated and visited because of content or (i hope) mere interest in what is going on with my life (i have always been obsessed in being a celebrity). so, if you think that there are too much bling that is not needed or helping this blah-g, feel free to post a comment or leave me a message using the chat box.

anyways, i am off to the mall to look for blah-g softwares or anything that would remotely help me improve my blah-ging skills. oh, and of course, some reading material about blah-ging; i still believe that you learn a lot of things when you read. hmm, maybe i might just enroll myself in a web design course. i might just make a career or being a blah-gista...yes, BLAH-GISTA, not blah-ger.

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