17 August 2007


well, in line with being a harry potter addict/fanatic. i just have to buy this magazine. honestly, i bought the magazine because of the cover. i think that daniel radcliffe is turning in to a hunk...yes, that is my own honest opinion. well, since he is the cover, there is obviously an exclusive interview with him.

DANIEL RADCLIFFE INTERVIEW -- in the interview, the repoter asks about daniel's hard-on. well, daniel is starring in a play called equus where he appears naked on stage. garfield, asked daniel how he managed not to get a hard-on while making love to a beautiful woman on stage. i guess you just have to buy the magazine and read the article to find out the answer. the article goes on to dicsuss the size of daniel's "wand". garfield goes to say that daniel's wand is AVERAGE! that means that nobody who watched the play dropped their jaws when daniel unzipped his pants on the play and in the same manner, nobody asked for a refund either. the article also mentioned upcoming projects for the star and his future plans and why he is not attending university. well, of course, harry potter movies were also discussed...and come to think of it, daniel is probably the only kid who doesn't want an 8th harry potter book.

i just have to say though, that the pictures of daniel radcliffe were pretty disappointing! :-(

other articles are as follows:

ANAL SEX -- this article discusses how common it is these days to ASK for anal sex on the first date. according to the article, it is more common now than it was before and statistics show that more men actually ask if they could use the back door on the first date, and apparently the women oblige as they enjoy it too. the article discusses 2 different theories on anal sex, and a lot of guys weigh in on the issue.

REVENGE -- why turn the other cheek when you can level out the playing field with vengeance?!

CHEATING -- oh yes, this article discusses women who cheated in guys. all i have to say is this: ONCE A CHEATER, ALWAYS A CHEATER!!!

CIRCUMCISION -- is it really necessary? is it done because of religion, tradition, or hygiene? well, it's no secret that i am filipino and i had to be circumcised. nonetheless, it was never explained to me why i had to be circumcised, it just had to be done. i guess it was a right of passage...oh and you would no longer be teased "supot" (uncut) once you have it done. the article calls it an "unfriendly cut" -- mutilation! then there's this whole debate about pleasure...FYI a canadian study determined that both cut and uncut men experince the same amount of pleasure and pain.

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