09 August 2007


well, i think that it's just appropriate that this first entry is about two blah-g-ers that had greatly inspired me to continue blah-g-ing, inday and bryan boy. these two, serves as my inspirations to continue my pursuit of conquering the world via blah-g.

inday was the very first website that i frequented during my younger years, she's a multi-webby winner and a green archer like me! i like the sophistication and beauty of her site and of course she is the sister of one of my closest friends...so, i know her.

i like bryan boy's blah-g because it's so out there and in your face, and of course there's a lot about fashion on their his blah-g.

i just wish that my blah-g would even amount to one-tenth of theirs. i know that this entry might not make that much sense, but forgive me as i am tired and i have to work tomorrow at 6 am...YES! 6 am!

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