10 August 2007


OMG! i don't know what is going on with my laptop. it's been acting up! why does it have to act up now that i am trying to make my blah-g pretty...yes, i am trying to make my blah-g better; there is nothing wrong with striving for perfection. anyways, back to my laptop issue...my laptop is being really slow right now! and it is driving me crazy! well, when i think about it it might be because it's tired, i mean it's been turned on and i have been using it since 11am, i think. i guess i have to put off my blah-g beautification project tomorrow.

i just have to say that although this blah-g is eating up a lot of my time, i noticed that i sort of stopped doing some of the unproductive things that i do.

oh, another thing -- i am happy right now because i just did some online banking and it's always nice to know that you just got PAID!

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