17 August 2007


well, for he past month we have had a homestay student living with us, her name is lujie. lujie is a 45 year old school headmaster who hails from china. she came to canada to study the teaching method of the educators here, and of course, to learn english. lujie left on august 11 to go back to china. i can say that i would miss lujie. i have been having dinner with her for the past month. we also went to the mall almost everyday. lujie was almost like a second mom to me, she would always bring chocolates and fruits for me when she comes home. i guess this was her way of coping up with her missing her only son who is studying in china. of course, apart from all the activities that we did, i taught her english...maybe is should make a career out of teaching english! anyways, she had promised to send me something from china for my birthday (which is coming up next week) so, i will be waiting for that.

i am glad to have made another friend...now i know that i have place to stay at when i go to visit china!

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