16 August 2007


well, okay, i'll admit that i've never heard of zac efron before. but, after i saw the cover of the rollingstones magazine that will hit the stands on august 23, i turned into a fan (a scary stalker almost). this magazine cover will certainly put zac efron on the map...that and the fact that he stars in my favorite musical, hairspray! well, when my friend's son asked me if i like high school musical, i was like, "what?"...but thanks to this picture, i now know what high school musical is, and i am looking forward to watching the second high school musical on the disney channel which will air on august 17. OMG! i have turned into a fanatic!

anyways, back to this really hot picture...i am guessing that this is the most downloaded picture at the moment and a lot of girls, and guys who like watching desperat housewives and ugly betty, are gonna have this picture on their desktop as a background. okay, i will confess that it is currently the desktop background of my laptop and my computer at work...and let me tell you that my co-workers actually asked me to email them a copy of the picture. they didn't know who zac efron was either but, they now do! oh, even world famous blah-gista bryanboy has zac efron on his desktop.

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