09 August 2007


well, congratulations are in order!

congratulations go out to my friend julie ann and her boyfriend antek on their engagement. i am so happy for julie ann! i know that she has been waiting for this moment, for a VERY long time. this is very well deserved. considering all the heartaches that she has gone through with her ex's. i know that there are still doubts from other people about this relationship but, if julie ann is happy, i am happy for her.

OMG! i am at that age where all my friends would be getting married and i am here sitting in my room typing this entry, ALONE and SINGLE. i guess i would have to get out more often and start meeting people.

i don't want to be the last one to get married!!! that would just be patethic!!! i refuse to be the last single friend who would have nobody to hang out with because all of my friends are married and busy raising their kids.

anyways, back on track...despite my panic attack a moment ago, i seriously am happy for julie ann. since, there was not an engagement party, i guess i would just post my wishes here.

i wish you guys all the best and the luck in the world. i hope that the two
of you would spend eternity together. god, you guys would have gorgeous
children. all kidding aside, congratulations on your engagement! i am looking
forward to catching the bouquet at the wedding reception. hahaha.

well, i guess tomorrow is the day that i start looking for the right one! i better keep my eyes wide open. my flirting skills are REALLY rusty but, a few winks here and there and i would be back in the game.

wish me luck!

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CoolitzzPinai said...

huh... a few winks huh... a lil more than that people might think you're krung krung.. hhaha... they won't be wrong... anyway, you wont be the last to get married! Im still young so ill be the last... if i count as one of the friends ur talking about... anyway, i like this blog.. a lot of wit.. i like inday's too.. very creative..