17 August 2007


well, i just finsihed watching the canadian tv premiere of the disney movie, high school musical 2. i have to admit that the only reason i watched it is because of my latest lust and obsession over zac efron...okay, and my love for musicals. but, i gotta say that i LOVED it! yes, i LOVED it.

the story evolves around troy (zac efron) and his battle to find the perfect balance between his future, his friends, and garbriella (vanessa hudgens). i just have to say that a love story is better when it's done as a musical or if it's done shakespeare style (tragedy). i have to admit that there was a part in the movie where i cried (and i am not telling you which part, you would have to watch the movie with me). themes of the movie include: love, friendship, and finding one's true self. the plot of the movie is pretty simple. it's a bunch of high school kids (teenagers) who go to a resort for the summer to work...and ups and downs about love and friendship emerge. over all, it was a pretty satisfying movie. aside from the fact that zac efron is hot! c'mon now...a good looking guy like that who can sing and dance, not to mention play basketball...will surely earn a whole lot of brownie points with the girls and gays alike. thank god for those shots and scenes that featured zac's upper body (did i mention that i would die for a body like that?). after watching the movie, i had this tingly feeling (no! it's not because of my lust for zac efron or my developed hate for vanessa hudgens because he's zac efron's real life girlfriend)...i don't know exactly how i would describe it but it took me to a happy place. i guess it took me back to my happy and memorable high school days. anyways, i would recommend this movie almost for everybody. now i say almost just 'coz i know that the emo's and 50-cent lover's out there would probably puke when they see this movie. it's certainly not a movie that would rake academy awards but, it's a GREAT movie. yes, i said GREAT! i am so buying this movie on DVD and i might just as well buy the sountrack for the mere fact that i love singing! you gotta love a movie with a sountrack!

well, let's just say that i give this movie an A-. you SERIOUSLY have to see this movie!

in honor of this movie the song that's playing on the background is everyday.


evi said...

i enjoy musical movies like chicago and moulin rouge for instance. i'm looking forward to watch hairspray. i heard high school musical is a hit, too. i can tell since my son knows about it.

CoolitzzPinai said...

i just gotta say.... ewww to vanessa hudgens... for her singing...