27 August 2007


well, i don't really know if i should rant about mcdonalds or the people who cut lines, so i guess i'll do both.

on my way home, i stopped by a mcdonalds to grab a bite 'coz i am really hungry! as soon as i walked in, i noticed a group of hisgh school kids (who are probably enjoying the last summer days before school starts) and i immediately sensed trouble. there was just one cashier, so everyone was in one line. as soon as the other cashier opened the teens in front of me moved over to the other line (thinking that they would probably be served faster). their theory on being served faster failed them, just like they would fail calculus (trust me, these are the types of kids who would cut classes to be cool). so, when they noticed that my line was faster, they jumped in front of me!!! how rude!!! they probably thought that they could do that 'coz they were in front of me on the original line...i didn't say anything 'coz i don't want to make a scene...nonetheless, IF YOU GIVE UP YOUR SPOT, YOU LOSE IT! YOU CAN'T HAVE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! i hate people who cut lines!

insert mcdonalds rant here >> the cashier should have noticed what these teens were doing and should have served the ACTUAL next person in line, me (who was making a face, which in no way could have been interpreted as a smile!)...instead of asking, "what can i get for you today?", how about, "can i help the next person IN line, please?"...now i know why i don't go to mcdonalds...not only are the food not healthy (no matter what they claim...have you seen supersize me?)...the SERVICE IS BAD too!

i don't know...i am not usually a person who rants...i guess i am just in a bad place right now...i am feeling sick, i might be coming down with something and i wasn't really happy with the way my birthday went this year...trust me, i wouldn't even need my toes to count the number of people who actually greeted me on my actual birthday...oh, and isn't it nice when you actually have to solicit a greeting by reminding people that it's your birthday, AND THEY ACTUALLY THINK THAT YOU'RE KIDDING! oh, i wanted to celebrate my birthday, but i'm guessing (not at all a LONG SHOT) that since people didn't remember that it's my birthday, they probably wouldn't have the time to attend my party...frankly, i don't want to hear lame reasons and excuses of why they wouldn't be able to attend my birthday...just be honest. tell me straight up, that you just don't care about me and that you don't give a flying f**k that it's my birthday! anyways, i am pretty sure that i would have a second wind about my birthday...so, i will post that as a separate entry!

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