17 August 2007


okay, i have decided to take working out seriously! why?! i want to have a body like zac efron. yes, that lean, toned body that people would drool over. i know that it's too late now because i wouldn't be able to show it off seeing that fall is fast approaching. but, it would be nice to take off that sweater you're wearing during fall and see your chiseled and ripped self in the mirror, or even seeing yourself in the bathroom mirror after taking a shower, with water running down your well-sculpted pectoral muscles and 6-pack abs! oh god, i would give everything to have that kind of body.

don't get me wrong i am not fat or anything. i am 5 foot 9 inches tall and i tip the scale at 125 lbs. i just want to look better and feel better about myself. after all, health is wealth...and who knows, having the zac efron body might make it easier for me to get into the pinoy big brother house when season 3 comes. and i know that my fans (wishful thinking) would love to see me sporting board shorts and nothing else on the beach! can i get a "YOU WISH!"?

anyways, getting back on track...after working out today, i realized that being vain is a pain in the butt. it seriously is hard work and you have to put so much effort and time into it. effort is no problem with me, it's just the time. c'mon, between reading magazines and books, watching tv, dvd's, movies, and my kapamilya shows, updating this blah-g, and this 4 letter word called WORK...i really do not have time! *sigh* i guess if i REALLY want that zac efron body, then i would have to make some sacrifices.

wish me luck!

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