14 October 2007

Router, ISP, I am back!

If you've noticed, I haven't posted anything in almost a week and this is because I was having router issues. Apparently, the router that I bought last year is now OLD and that is why my internet connection wasn't working. I of course called my ISP first to find out if there are service issues in our area 'coz of all the construction that are going around for the 2010 Winter Olympics. My ISP said that everything is supposed to be working fine and that the problem might be with the router. So, I then called the technical support hotline. OMG, the call center that I called is in India. To say the least, the call wasn't at all pleasant. I kept saying, "what?", because I can baely understand what they were saying. So, I just decided to be a bitch, and give the third world call center agent hell. Well, I think that he brought it upon himself. I was already peeved 'coz my internet isn't working and how dare he raise his voice to me and talk to me in a very condescending way. So, I unleashed the BITCH and he got more than what he had bargained for and I could tell that it wasn't at all pleasant for him 'coz it was around 4:00 am in India when I made the call.

Anyways, I took them down a couple of notches, BIG TIME! So, instead of updating the software of my router, I decided to buy a new one and spend $70 (including taxes). So, I am now back on line and will be posting entries again.

Though I was not used to having an internet connection. The past week wasn't actually bad 'coz I realized that I was apending way too much time in front of my laptop. The week that I didn't have connection, I was able to go out and socialize and catch up with friends. It was great! I guess I would have to manage my time better 'coz I think I am still single 'coz I pretty much just spend time with my laptop and watch my dramas.


Carlski said...

Hoy! Don't you go hiding again! Make yourself available pa rin sa amin ni JP! Hehe!

Planning to go there next year so we better keep in touch.

Tralaland said...

omg our internet is down too but its because shaw sucks hahah... hey u SHOULD visit so we have other people to talk to and maybe then they won't really bug us much.... lol they might come over tonight for dinner... i dont know maybe not..