08 October 2007

Hosting Audition

Well, the final audition video is now finished. I had to re-shoot the entire thing 'coz windows movie maker cannot edit mp4 files. Well, thankfully, I had to re-shoot the entire thing, I was able to make it more tactful (in my opinion).

DISCLAIMER: This video was made in the spirit of fun. If you are offended by any content of the video, please go to the corner of your room, assume the fetal position, start crying, and eat your own hair. SUCK IT UP PRINCESS!

I would like to send a big thank you to my friend Carlski for editing the video for me. The video actually turned out REALLY good and I think that it was carefully edited so that I don't offend the low-lifes.

For comments and ratings on the video, please visit youtube.

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