04 October 2007

Love Contract

Xiao Feng is a tomboy who is the leader within her circle of friends; she is also the captain of the kendo club. Xiao Feng thought that she has very loyal friends, that is until Xiao Bai and Kai decided to leave the kendo club in order to join the swimming team which is headed by Ken. Because of this incident Xiao Feng and Ken's first meeting was not a rousing success. However, in order to keep Xiao Bai and Kai in the swimming team, Ken would have to abide by the love contract that was created by Mu Tou. Will Ken court Xiao Feng to keep the swimming team alive? Will the tomboy finally renew her faith in love?

Watch how the love contract will change the lives of Xiao Feng and Ken. Watch the series and you will understand the pain of a one-sided love affair. Click below for the music video of this series.

WARNING!: This post might contain spoilers!

I have to say that I liked this series. The only thing that I did not quite like is that the story line progression was very slow. Of coure, Mike He is still the hotness and that is what kept me holding on to the series. The plot about the contract is something that we all have seen before in one way or another, however, it was fun to watch how the sub-plots developed. I just have to say that the kissing scenes in this series could have been better...way better! Oh, and I don't know what it is about Ariel Lin (Xiao Feng) but she reminds me of a bird or fish of some sort. Over all, it is a good series and I would give it a B-.

Since Mike He is still my latest obsession and he is the HOTNESS! My next Taiwanese soap to watch would be Why Why Love. I have read some good reviews about this soap including comments about Mike He's acting being better. Mike He plays a bad boy in Why Why Love so, this should be good. After all, we all love those bad boys.

Full episodes are available for download on Veoh.

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